John Hadden’s plays have appeared at PS 122, LaMaMa, EST Octoberfest, Northampton’s naked theater, Great Barrington’s Mixed Company and Berkshire Ten-Minute Play Festival, Brunswick’s The Theater Project; and published in The Good Ear Review. They have earned grants and awards from the Massachusetts Foundation for Humanities, Mass Cultural Council, Feminist Review Trust (UK), Northampton Arts Council.

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King Fool, a two-hander adaptation of King Lear. Lear has wandered off to a remote place the moment before he dies. He dips into a series of flashes before the moment ends. Cordelia, who has followed him to this place, is his caretaker, his fool and a host of other voices; at last he recognizes her fully and she conducts him to his final rest.

Travels with a Masked Man: A solo piece based loosely on interviews conducted after 9/11. An ex-CIA officer ruminates darkly on the American Empire, the human animal and himself; his grown son confronts him and a lifelong void of unknowns. A play about deception, the game (espionage) and rough filial love.

The Long Run: A commissioned play for the Edith Wharton Salon at The Mount, Lenox, MA, adapted from the Wharton story of the same title. (in-progress; slated for production November, 2014))

stray dogs: A game of power, ambition, sex and death. A penniless young man, looking half dead, knocks on a door in the middle of a Vermont winter in 1972. The house belongs to a wealthy woman farmer. She takes him in and keeps him on as a farm hand, against the wishes of her husband, a famous, failing novelist.

Hard Rain (Massachusetts Cultural Council award) is about love and torn loyalties during a military take-over. Victor Jara, a Chilean folksinger, befriends a young American (son of a CIA officer) who has been herded, along with thousands of other people, into a soccer stadium. Events at the stadium and scenes of Victor with his family converge on the morning of his death.

The End: Sex, drugs, and the end of the world, in 1969, at John DeLorean’s Malibu beach house. A magician, a corporate couple, a ravishing starlet, and Don Ankle, carpenter to the stars, await their host’s arrival. When he does finally arrive, violence over a poker game erupts, a cop comes to collect some (planted) cocaine, and the world softly explodes. (in revisions)


The Quincy and Antoinette Kraczlic Variety Show
Night Out
Terrapin’s Last Stand
Orhan, a Limerick Writer Down on his Luck, Offers Classes in Turkish Improvisational Dance in San Antonio, Texas


A Thing for Talia A screwball whodunit-love story. Ex-celebrity Talia teaches jazz at a New England high school. Surrounded by would-be lovers, one of whom is murdered, she struggles to clear her name, find love, and save her son—in the face of a checkered past and the aroused citizens of Greater Worthington.