Molière’s ‘Tartuffe,’ at Hubbard Hall, is a pure delight


“John Hadden, has delivered a perfectly delectable version for the Hubbard Hall crowd. He has reset the time of the piece to the 1920s and, with the aid of costume designer Sherry Recinella has given a wildly sly edge to the sexy play about a man whose devotion to a new friend has swept away all other loyalties. The result of their work, the work of a perfectly competent troupe of actors and a crew of artistic designers and artisans, makes the trip to Cambridge very worthwhile even if you arrive not knowing who the playwright is — or are.”  J. Peter Bergman


Travels with a Masked Man to be published by Arcade Publishing


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Travels with a Masked Man, by John Hadden, coming out in Fall 2015, Arcade Publishing (Skyhorse)

John Hadden the elder saw post-war horrors in Dresden, disobeyed orders to bomb Cairo while he was Station Chief in Israel during the Six-Day War, tracked the development of Israeli nuclear arms and retired with a dim view of his country and his species. The other acted and directed Shakespeare, wrote plays, built a house in the Vermont woods and struggled to make sense of things. Shortly after 9/11 he confronted his father with a lifetime of questions and a tape recorder. What emerged, and could not be released until now, is a profusion of stories, hilarity, an almost impenetrable darkness–and something like love.