Ondine at Hubbard Hall

photographs by John Sutton

“Now, at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY, you can see for yourself what wonders may be wrought by a playwright who can take whimsy and make it a hot white light of revelations.” — Peter Bergman, Berkshire Bright Focus

“…surreal, absurd, farce, existential, but Jean Giraudoux’s “Ondine” is just plain head-spinningly wacky. Within seconds, characters utter contradictions without batting an eye. One minute you’re watching a farce, the next a tragedy. Or is it? You’re never quite sure, and Hubbard Hall Theater’s production, directed by John Hadden, navigates these shoals of contradiction with ease… If you want to see a charming, quirky, and disorienting play, this is the one for you.” — Mary Jane Leach, Times Union

“Hadden’s direction develops the nuances of all the light and dark the characters embody. This ensemble always makes the leap toward each other, their level of engagement with the exquisite language of the play and how they fully receive it from each other in this cast of 19 makes each of them distinct and indelible… See it, commune with it, and be sweetly moved by a gentle prodding, sometimes a playful tickle, of the magician’s paradox of this earthly life.” — Claire North, Manchester Journal

“Good words, good fun, a smart show: Go, see, my theater loving friends…mixing reality and fantasy, music, humor and tone, all to magical effect… overwhelmingly subtle… funny yet touching… rich and literate… a rare gift… many, many fine performances… so human, so real… a top-shelf production.” — Cathy DeDe, The Chronicle