John Hadden, author, conversations, masked man

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“A poignant encounter between father and son – across the gap of generations and the moral abyss of the Cold War. John Hadden shows how the wounds of the past refuse to heal, and how acknowledging that truth can open into hard won wisdom – and even love.”

James Carroll, Author of An American Requiem

“This lovely biography/memoir is about a story of father, son, and the fabric of the espionage craft.  As someone who knew (and loved) John Hadden, an extraordinary spy master indeed, I find this a moving read.  It was written with love, care, and curiosity of a son who tries to figure out who his father was.  A fascinating tale.”

              Avner Cohen, Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Author of
The Worst-Kept Secret: Israel’s Bargain with the Bomb

“We grow up under the spell and influence of our parents, but we know so little of who they are, beyond their role as our parents. We all wonder, but most of us never ask. Conversations With A Masked Man is a beautifully written look into the frightening world of covert espionage, and a tenacious, heartfelt attempt by a son to infiltrate his father’s secrecy and silence, and find whatever common ground exists between them.”

Cindy Kleine, documentary film-maker (Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner)